This cute soap doesn't just look like a piece of watermelon, it smells like a ripe and juicy freshly cut watermelon too!  With poppy "seeds" for light exfoliation.  

Net Weight 5 oz / 142 gr. 

Juicy Watermelon Soap

  • Olive oil, coconut oil, lard, water, sodium hydroxide, almon oil, castor oil, mango butter, fragrance, titanium dioxide, mineral pigments.

  • Due to the amount of red mica necessary to produce a good color for watermelon, user may notice the transfer of color to washcloth. Rinse it out and launder as normal. It should launder out just fine. It does not stain permanantly.  It may also possibly "stick" to hard water deposits in your sink or tub, especially if you have hard water. It will come clean with normal cleaning methods.