"Sisters" Goat Milk Soap

Springtime brings fresh scents of growing plants, tender blossoms, and warm sunshine. Close your eyes and imagine an old milk pitcher filled with lilacs, early spring roses, and spring greenery while a hint of apple reminds you of the harvests to come. This is a perfect scent to brighten the spirits and soothe the soul while washing away winter's grey gloom. Top notes of crisp apple, juicy peach, and sun-warmed coconut are mixed with middle notes of white lilacs, velveted spring roses, and wild greenery, while base notes of osmanthus, tonka bean, and sheer musk round out this lively fragrance!


Made with goat milk and sea water with mango butter. 

Soleseife, or brine soap, is the German name for soap made with salt water. This results in a smooth-textured extremely hard bar of soap with very creamy lather.  

*Note; the label on this soap states 4.5 oz.  The actual weight is 5 oz. 


Net weight 5 oz / 142 g 



"Sisters" Goat Milk Soap

  • Olive Oil, coconut oil, tallow, almond oil, goat milk, sea water, sodium hydroxide, mango butter, fragrance, kaolin clay, sodium lactate, sugar, mineral pigments, silk, biodegradable glitter.