Shave Set

Shave Soap Set 

Includes; Mug pre-filled with 5 oz handmade shaving soap. (Net weight at the time of filling the mug) Mug is made of stoneware. 

Shave brush; Made of boar bristle and a navy blue plastic handle that stands on its own.

Fragrance of shaving soap is Woodsman Blend, a foresty scent with topnotes of sweet orange. Scented with pure essential oils. No added color. Soap is naturally a light yellow color from the essential oils. 

Shave Set

  • Stearic acid, water, coconut oil, tallow, potassium hydroxide, lanolin, shea butter, sodium hydroxide. Essential oils of sweet orange, amyris,  cedarwood, cypress, ho wood, Siberian fir.