Aleppo Inspired Laurel Berry Oil Soap

When I tested this soap out, boy was I impressed! It is so silky smooth feeling and leaves your skin feeling amazing!

This soap is inspired by the traditional soap made in Syria. While I don't pour it on the floor when I make it (like they do), I do make it with laurel berry fruit oil and olive oil. If you haven't smelled laurel berry oil before, it has a pungent earthy, herbacious and slightly smoky scent to it. I use it at 30% of the total oils in the batch with the remainder as olive oil. By the time the soap has fully cured (6 months minimum) it has mellowed out considerably and smells quite nice. Laurel berry fruit oil is quite pricey in the U.S. since it has to be imported, so this is one you may want to save for gifts or when you want an extra nice "pampering" bath or shower, but well worth the splurge!  I have added no fragrance or colorant, but it has a nuturally herbacious scent to it.  If you'd like to see how it is made in Syria, click here:


*Palm free

*Free of any synthetic ingredients

*Pthalate free


Net Weight  5 oz / 142 gr

Aleppo Inspired Laurel Berry Oil Soap

  • Olive oil, laurel berry oil, water, sodium hydroxide.